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Fallsview Hotels in Niagara Falls Canada

There are eleven hotels that offer a view of the Falls and all are located in Niagara Falls Canada.

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Questions regarding hotels? send us an e-mail: info@niagarafallslive.com

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Every fallsview hotel in Niagara Falls.

dining indoor pool Jacuzzi for 2 fireplace

bar/pub distance to center of  park heart shaped jacuzzi's gym pets/smoking

All links are direct to each hotels website for the lowest possible rate.

The Tower Hotel

6733 Fallsview Boulevard    hotel map   905-356-1501 

Niagara Falls Marriott Fallsview

  6740 Fallsview Blvd.     hotel map     905 357-7300

Radisson Hotel & Suites Fallsview

6733 Fallsview Boulevard   hotel map   905-356-1944 

Marriott Gateway on the Falls 

 6755 Fallsview Boulevard    hotel map  905-374-1077


Frequently we receive e-mail regarding which is the "best fallsview hotel" in Niagara Falls. This can be a difficult question to answer. Obviously you want a great view but which is the best?

The closer you are to the Falls the better the view. But there is more than one falls! The closest hotels to the Canadian Falls are the Marriott Fallsview, Niagara Tower Hotel and the Embassy Suites. Between the three the Embassy slightly edges out the Marriott Fallsview because you see more actual falling water within the "horseshoe" shape of the Falls. Higher floors are not necessarily better but they do offer a more unique perspective of the entire park and surrounding area. Either way the view is absolutely stunning and you can really feel the power of the Falls. 

The Sheraton on the Falls is the closest hotel to the American Falls. While the view of the American Falls is great it's almost twice the distance as the Embassy and Marriott are from the Canadian Falls. The one advantage the Sheraton has is for viewing the Falls at night when they are illuminated. It's a postcard view to say the least. It's also the best hotel for watching the fireworks.

The Hilton is situated between the American & Canadian falls and offers a unique view of both falls. If you stay at the Hilton consider reserving your room in the new tower. The higher floors offer a better view as they are higher than the casino across the street and you will have a completely unobstructed view.  

One item you may or may not have considered is the size of the room. Before the Embassy Suites and the Hilton were built most fallsview hotels were designed with small rooms when compared to today's standards. The Embassy Suites and Hiltons rooms are considerably larger than your average fallsview hotel room and can make for a more comfortable stay.

Location? While the view plays an important part it doesn't necessarily mean it's the best location for getting around to see the sights unless you plan on spending the entire stay in your room. The main area for viewing the falls is called Queen Victoria Park. It's also where you board the maid of the mist and access the Table Rock visitor center at the brink of the Canadian Falls. The Sheraton on the Falls is almost at the foot of Clifton Hill and you can walk from there to everything. All the other fallsview hotels are about a ten minute walk to the park. Most of the hotels offer shuttle service to the park for a $10.00-$15.00 fee but they are not timely. If you don't mind walking you can skip the shuttle and save a few bucks.  

The Marriott Fallsview has a great fine dining and a more adult atmosphere. The Embassy's Keg restaurant is excellent and has a lively and louder atmosphere. The Hilton's Watermark restaurant has the best nighttime view of both Falls for a very unique fine dining experience. It's also a bit more subdued making for the perfect romantic dinner. You can't go wrong at any of them but be prepared to pay around a hundred dollars per person. 

Yes it does rain in Niagara Falls and nothing could be worse than being cooped up in a hotel room all day with kids. For this reason we give the Hilton Fallsview and Sheraton on the Falls high marks for their indoor water parks. 

In our unbiased opinion of all the Fallsview hotels we think the Embassy Suites Niagara Falls Fallsview is the best hotel in Niagara Falls. The remaining fallsview hotels generally offer very good to excellent accommodations and all have their pluses and minuses.

When staying at a Fallsview hotel remember parking is very limited and you will do most of your getting around on foot. The furthest distance from a Fallsview hotel to the park is .7 miles or 1.2 km which is about a fifteen minute walk. So bring some good walking shoes and dress appropriately.

There is a change in elevation between the area of Victoria Avenue and Fallsview Boulevard to the Falls. You actually walk down to Queen Victoria Park. There is no easy access from the hotels nearest the Canadian Horseshoe Falls unless you take a shuttle or the seasonally operated incline railway ($2.50 each way). The railway is open weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and on weekends from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

The Fireworks displayed at the Falls can be seen from most Fallsview hotels. We have created a map showing the distances from the Fallsview hotels to where the fireworks are displayed. click here to see it.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to drop us an e-mail: info@niagarafallslive.com

Every hotel on this website has a direct feed to each hotels in house reservation system for the lowest possible rate and guaranteed room selection. We invite you to compare rates with Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, and Hotels.com.

2014 Rates for Fallsview Hotels - 2 Queen beds with Fallsview

2 Night Stay- Aug 1st & 2nd 2014 (Fri. & Sat.) Direct Expedia Travelocity Orbitz Hotels.com
Niagara Falls Marriott Fallsview 842.14* 874.20 874.20 867.52 874.20
Embassy Suites Hotel Niagara Falls 743.27* 1,070.95 1,070.95 894.56 916.91
Hilton Niagara Falls  765.27* 779.02 779.02 722.04 779.02
Sheraton On The Falls 782.55* 829.84 829.84 789.38 829.84
Marriott Gateway Hotel 748.31* 749.95 749.95 751.52 749.95
Oakes Hotel 570.74* 572.65 562.65 576.65 626.59
The Tower Hotel 879.28* 843.44 843.44 895.65 843.44
Four Points by Sheraton 562.55* 510.72 510.72 596.20 n.a.
Crowne Plaza Hotel 770.82* 842.49 842.49 810.29 842.49
Radisson Hotel & Suites Fallsview 645.00* 634.17 634.17 655.51 634.17

*When booking a Fallsview room be aware that "river view" or "partial view" etc. is misleading and not what you want.*

All rates were obtained on 4/14/2014 and are in US dollars w/tax.

Always check to see if all taxes are included with your stay- often the 3% destination & marketing fees are not included. 

Just so you don't have any surprises this is a breakdown of what your typical Fallsview hotel bill will look like.

Fallsview Hotel Room for two nights:


internet access:

valet parking: $50.00
1 bottled water: $9.95
1 dinner for two with tip $200.00
Sub total: $935.22
(government sales tax) HST 13%: $121.57
(destination & marketing fee) DMF Fee 3%: $28.05  (not always disclosed when booking)
Grand total: $1094.84
Tax on alcohol and entertainment is 10% instead of 8%

Here are some frequently asked questions we receive regarding Fallsview hotels.

Q: Will hotel rates go down as my travel dates get closer ?

A: It's just the opposite. As hotels get closer to full occupancy for a given date they will raise their rates. It's best to book early for the prime tourist season months of June, July and August.


Q: When will my credit card be charged ?

A: Hotels do not charge your credit card until checkout. (Deposits are usually required for New Years Eve & major holidays)


Q: What happens after I submit all the information for a reservation ?

A: You are basically buying the room for a specific date. Upon completion of your reservation you will be provided with a confirmation number.  Please write this number down! It will be necessary for correspondence with the hotel to confirm, change or cancel your reservation. Many hotels have a restriction where you must cancel more than 48 hours in advance. If you do not cancel outside this 48 hour window expect to be charged the full amount for your stay.

Q: What if I need to confirm, change or cancel my reservation ?

A: Contact the hotel directly by phone or e-mail.

Q: How much should I expect to spend for tips?

A: The normal amounts for tipping are as follows: Valets-$2.00-$3.00 when dropping off or picking up your car. Bellhops-$5.00 plus one dollar for each bag. Doorman for hailing a taxi-$1.00. Housekeeping- $2.00-$3.00 per nights stay. Wait staff-15-20% of bill. Tips at restaurants are very dependent on the quality of service & food. Tip tour guides 10-20 percent of the cost of the tour. These are guidelines only. Remember - a gratuity reflects the quality of service you receive.

And... All fireplaces in the rooms are fake!