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Welcome to Niagara Falls Premier Vacation Guide!

We have everything you need to plan your visit to Niagara Falls. Featuring complete information for Niagara Falls hotels, tours and attractions in both the US & Canada.

How high will the ice get this year? This image was captured during February 2014!

We now offer a complete list of every Niagara Falls hotel in both the US and Canada. You can view the details by following this link for niagara falls hotels. Niagara Travel Tips and F.A.Q  

No...Niagara Falls is NOT Frozen! It seems this time each year someone yells out "Niagara Falls is Frozen". Truth be told the Falls never stop flowing with the exception of one night way back in the 1800's. The falls do accumulate a lot of ice at the base which then grows to impressive heights!

I've got an idea.. Let's try and scale the frozen wall of ice right next to the Falls! And that is exactly what two ice climbers recently accomplished on January 27th 2015. Even though it was well staged with cooperation from the NY State Parks Department & sponsored by REDBULL it was still a "cool" idea! Here is a link to some incredible video: Ice Climbing Niagara Falls .  

Congratulations to the winners of our 2015 Niagara Falls photo contest. We had hundreds of great entries from visitors from all over the world. Choosing the winners was a very difficult process as we had a huge selection of beautiful entries. A big thank you to all that participated! 

See all the winning Niagara Falls Photo Contest entries

New for 2015 is Niagara Jet Adventures. They made history last year when successfully navigated from the mouth of the lower Niagara River in Youngstown New York all the way to the base of Niagara Falls. The class six rapids had always been considered impossible to be ran against. Although trips currently only run to the Niagara Whirlpool it's guaranteed to be the ride of a lifetime. We wish Niagara Jet Adventures a very successful season. For more information visit our discount coupon page.

The Niagara Falls Canada Tourism group hired Toronto based Skymotion to obtain some of the most impressive video we've ever seen of Niagara Falls. Using a remote controlled helicopter equipped with a video camera they captured from angles which have never been seen before. See stock footage of amazing Niagara Falls Video.

What is the best Fallsview hotel in Niagara Falls? We receive more positive feedback for the Embassy Suites Fallsview than any hotel in Niagara Falls. What is their secret? Location, location , location!  It simply does not get any better. If you want to stay at the Embassy Suites Fallsview be sure to book as far in advance as possible for the busiest months of the year (July, August & September). 

Check out our two minute Niagara Falls Video using time lapse photography. It was produced by local photographer Matthew Wartman.

Niagara Falls Hotels In Canada and New York, USA

Some of the best Niagara Falls Hotels in the Fallsview district in Canada sell out quickly for weekends. If you are not restricted by travel dates, rates are lower for stays during Sundays through Thursdays. If you've never seen the Falls from a Fallsview room you're in for a real treat! Check out the Hilton & Embassy Suites Niagara Falls Hotel in Canada for great deals and packages. This Niagara Falls Hotels link will show you where all the hotels are located in relation to the Falls. We now have a complete list of all Niagara Falls hotels on one easy to navigate page plus monthly specials on Niagara Falls Hotel Deals.

Niagara Falls Maps

We've updated our interactive map to help you preview the location of Niagara Falls hotels and attractions. Our hotel location map is also a great guide for determining where to stay during your visit to Niagara Falls. On our mobile site we now have an awesome Niagara Falls Google map with street view and all the local hotels and attractions highlighted in one easy to navigate format.

For a truly unique stay in Niagara consider the Tower Hotel. Formerly known as the Panasonic Tower. It was completely renovated recently in to what has to be the world's coolest boutique hotel! Visit their website for complete details. The Tower Hotel

Experience the mystery and art of illusion with Greg Frewin, International Grand Champion of Magic. This Las Vegas Style Magical Review features spectacular appearances by our rare and majestic tigers. Your imagination will be captivated and you will be amazed "Beyond Belief!" A family friendly show featuring large cats, and illusions which astounded International audiences at the Flamingo Hilton in Las Vegas for two years. Come enjoy a Las Vegas show in Niagara Falls! For more info visit the Greg Frewin Theatre.      

It's always Summer at the Fallsview Waterpark. Featuring fifteen slides, a surfing-themed AquaPlay area called Calypso Beach, several swimming pools and a wave pool. It also has floor to ceiling windows offering views of the Falls. You can also enter to win a family waterpark getaway, buy tickets or find more info by clicking here.

This years entertainment schedule brings a host of top talent from around the country. The Seneca Casino in Niagara Falls New York will be offering great performances from top names like John Mellencamp, Steely Dan and Smokey Robinson. The Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls Canada has booked Tony Bennett, Gladys Knight and an evening with Creedence Clearwater. You can reserve tickets and find more entertainment listings through our Casino links. Speaking of entertainment, have you ever heard the song by Primus called "over the falls"?

If we could recommend any one attraction that is a "must try" during the tourist season we would have to recommend the Whirlpool Jetboat Tours. It's truly a one of kind adventure for everyone. If you don't mind getting soaking wet, it's better than any e-ticket ride at Disney. And if you don't want to get wet, they now offer the "Jet Dome" for those looking for a more relaxed site seeing tour on the Niagara River. Visit their page for a great discount coupon and more information. 

We're always looking to improve this website. If there's something you can't find which would have relevance to our Niagara Falls Hotel, Attractions, and restaurants e-travel guide please let us know. Just send an e-mail to info@niagarafallslive.com
please note: We do not provide travel guides by postal mail.
Thank you & enjoy your visit to Niagara Falls !

March 2015

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March 24th & 25th

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March 21st