Niagara Falls Canada

For local taxi service in Niagara Falls Canada try

For taxi service to Niagara Falls Canada from the Toronto airport try Niagara Airbus or call them toll free at: 1-888-666-8547.

The drive from the Toronto Airport to Niagara Falls Canada is 79.5 miles/128 kilometers. Drive time averages 1.5 hours (depending on traffic).

The train and bus station in Niagara Falls Canada are across the street from each other on Bridge Street near the Niagara Parkway. The stations are 2 miles/3.1 kilometers from the actual Falls and the Rainbow Bridge

Niagara Falls New York

For taxi service from the Buffalo airport to Niagara Falls NY use ITA AIRPORT taxi service. Call toll free 1-800-551-9369.The drive from the Buffalo Airport to Niagara Falls NY is 26 miles/41 kilometers. Drive time averages 30 minutes. (rare delays).

The train station is 2.7 miles/4.3 kilometers from the Rainbow Bridge and an eight minute drive.

For local taxi service try LaSalle Taxi: (716) 284-8833.